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Beacon Health Ventures

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Beacon Health Ventures is a group of home based health services, founded by Elkhart General Hospital and Memorial Hospital of South Bend, that provides comprehensive medical and non-medical care to clients in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan for more than 25 years.

In developing the new site, the goal was for each practice to have its own 'site' but for each of them to share the same visual theme, bringing consistency to them all. One priority in planning and building the website was to provide a means of highlighting the products that each practice provides, as well as a place for customer reviews, ratings, and inquiries.

The site was also built with mobile-specific templates, enabling us to provide a tageted experience for those on mobile devices.

Project Features

Launch Site


Bike the Bend
Fischoff National Chamber Music Association
Dwyer Instruments
The Residences at Toscana Park